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Digital marketing is the marketing buzzword of the last 30 years and it is still king. But as the digital world has evolved, so too has the extent of business development that brands can carry out online. It Just So Happens is a digital agency which embraces this possibility, both through the services we offer and the way that we work. We help clients to improve and perfect their digital presence and we work entirely digitally. So it’s fair to say we know digital inside and out. Whether its branding, social media, website, email, advertising and digital marketing, PR or anything else online, we’re your team..

We manage your digital requirements, so you can get on with business.

How Can We Help?

We offer end-to-end servicing for all of your digital needs and recommend having a free consultation about what best suits your business. One size does not fit all. Below is an overview of our services – we can package them together in any combination that meets your needs.

Our project process

If you’re not sure of exactly what you need, get in touch. No project is too big or small. Our onboarding process will help to establish exactly what services you need and then create the best team for you. Here’s how we operate:


Setting the foundation for the project. We gather all your requirements and establish the scope with you, including project plans and budget. We use this knowledge to create your team.


Personalise your experience by choosing your project style with our management team. From strategy and concepts to creation and building, this is where we bring your ideas to life.


Our go live process is a well-oiled machine, involving testing, tracking and reporting. 

This is also the time where we establish processes for future change and ongoing optimisation.

Passion Project

We love a good cause or a fricking cool idea. As the Huffington Post says defines it, “a passion project is a trendy name for doing something that excites and inspires you. You do it for your own satisfaction, not for anybody else’s.” So if you’ve got a really cool idea but not much money to splash on it, get in touch. We’ll see if we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds like the start of an adventure! You can fill out this Project Initiation form or get in touch through any of our platforms to book a consultation.

As a digital-first agency, we are designed and built with global in mind. We are able to accept payments via bank transfer, enabled by Wise and credit/debit card payment, enable by Stripe. Let us know what currency you would like to work in at the beginning of our conversations, so we can ensure we can facilitate.

We take any credit and debit card payments accepted by Stripe. To note, any handling fees and conversions will be at the cost of the client.

We call this a payment schedule and this is agreed based on the project scope and length. We typically require a minimum of 25% deposit to be paid upfront to secure the project and team. We can create a payment schedule for the remaining 75% and work project plan and delivery around it.

You don’t need to worry about doing these calculations, we will create a project specific quotation for you. The rate card is just a reference, so you can get an idea of how we calculate your quotation.

We price up projects based on the skills required and the time it will take to deliver. Any external costs will be outlined upfront e.g. web hosting, media buying, photography, etc. We will also keep you updated if the project moving away from what what originally agreed. Any scope change may impact the total project cost.

Of course we can discuss this. Each project is treated case by case. We can work together to come up with the best solution to deliver the work without compromising quality.

Everything is a discussion between both parties. We absolutely can do a one-off project. We do not lock our clients into long term commitments or projects unless they have requested this. For these instances, we work on a retainer model, with the ‘business as usual’ activity outlined at the start of our partnership.

We recommend either scheduling a call to discuss these services and how best we can deliver them as part of a overarching strategy. If you already have a Marketing strategy in place, you can drop us a message and request a proposal costing to be sent to you. Please specify if you have different start dates for any of the services.

We highly recommend to take up our offer of the 30 minutes free consultation where we can ask you further questions to understand your needs more and give you a better recommendation about next steps. There is no obligation to use any of our services even after having completed the consultation.

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