From Marketing Strategy to Customer Persona… We Deliver

From classic business and marketing strategy to strategic tools such as customer persona creation, we offer a comprehensive range of strategic services. Strategy is the essential road map for any business, bringing direction and clarity. It will also look different for each business. Understanding the context of the work you are doing, both within the market and within your business, is essential for growth. It Just So Happens can offer an objective and specialist view, providing you with invaluable insight. 

Our business growth and market insights services

Sometimes when you have a challenge in business, it’s not always clear exactly what you need to overcome it. That’s why we offer a free 30 minute consultation, where we can discuss your issues or goals and advise you on the best direction.

Strategy & Plans

Whether business, marketing, social or even Go-To-Market - Your roadmap of where you are going and how you are going to achieve your goals.

Customer Personas

Probably the most vital tool for all business decisions. Develop profiles of your ideal customers; active and passive.

Focus Groups

Ask the questions you want, to the people who you want to reach. An opportunity to gain more detailed qualitative insights.


Brand, business, social, websites - Get a sense of your current assets or positioning, what gaps need to be filled based on industry benchmarking and where you want your business to grow.

Market Research

Market trends, industry trends, product/ service development ideas, social listening and monitoring - Get timely and detailed insights into the market you are in or want to be in.


Competitor analysis, SWOT analysis or BCG Matrix (old school!) - a “deep dive” into your business and the market in order to better develop and understand where you stand in the market in relation to your competitors - and what you’re up against!


A business development strategy, often under under-estimated as a growth opportunity, allowing you to scale more quickly and reach new audiences 

Pitch Decks

Take your vision and plans and bring them to life, creating a showcase for investors, fundraising, crowdfunding or internal stakeholders

Our Clients Said…

Our project process

A partnership with It Just So Happens is an efficient and simple way to create a game-changing strategy. So here’s how it works.


Get in touch. We’ll work out the scope of the project with you and create a quote.


We’ll create everything needed to deliver your project. 


Once you start putting it into practice, we can help adjust as needed

We create custom quotations for every new project and no project is too big or small. We work with businesses of any size  from a range of industries and are always ready to hear from you. Get in touch today to start growing your business.

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