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From Strategy to Community Management, demand the best.

Social media marketing is about so much more than just posting pretty pictures. In an increasingly busy market place, it is essential to approach your social media with a strong plan, regular data-based reviews and a finger on the pulse of the constant platform updates. That might sound like a lot, but don’t worry – It Just So Happens can help. With years of experience in social media marketing our team can take your social channels from a time consuming bore to a useful tool for attracting, educating and engaging your audience.

Our comprehensive social media services include:

If you’re struggling to know what the best focus for your social media marketing is,we can advise. We offer a free 30 minute consultation, where we can discuss what you want to achieve with your social channels and suggest which of our services would best suit you.

Content Creation

We create tailored, premium content to fully engage your audience, including trending/ viral ideation. Fill your content calendar with optimised social media posts.

Social Strategy

From social channel review and auditing, to full and comprehensive social media strategy, we will set you up for success on socials.

Platform Optimisation

Make sure your beautiful social channels can be found! We optimise your platforms so that the right audiences can find them and learn about your brand.

Social Listening

Understand how your brand is being portrayed and interacted with on social media. We have social listening tools and experience to help you get a full picture of your brand mentions and what your competitors are up to.

Community Management

As well as optimising so that others come to you,  we work on  social outreach and community building, growing your audience. This includes managing and interacting with the community you have already created.

Profile Set Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of creating the best foundations with your channel. We make sure that you set up your profile the right way, including securing the best handles.

Data Analysis

Social media platforms produce extensive metrics and data and it is important to understand, which metrics are most important for you and how to use this information productively. We take the data, analyse it for you and give guidance.

Chat Automation

In this fast paced world, it is important to be ready to make the most of every conversation as it comes. We set up your automated chat, to ensure you don’t lose a single social media lead.

Social media channels we've been building

4k watch hours

Total over 12 months

100% response rate

30% engagement rate

Average, whereas the industry expectation is 0.83%

Social platforms we work with

We work with (almost!) all the big platforms and understand the importance of being active on the right platforms. This doesn’t mean being on every platform. It’s essential to chose the right spaces and channel your energy into them. Quality not quantity!

700% followers growth

In first 3 months of launch

30% increase discovery

Average over 6 months

75% followers increase

Our project process

The list of social media marketing jobs that need doing can feel long and complicated, but we’re here to make it simple. So here’s how it works when you partner with us.


Get in touch. We’ll work with you to find out the best ways to optimise your social media channels. After that, we’ll create your quote and build your team.


We’ll create everything needed to build a strong, productive and useful social media presence.


Once everything is in motion, we will review and analyse the data from your social media performance, helping you to optimise.

We create custom quotations for every new project and no project is too big or small. We work with businesses of any size  from a range of industries and are always ready to hear from you. Get in touch today to start growing your business.

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