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Access your digital performance in Real Time

Real time data at your fingertips. Any time. Anywhere.

In the fast paced digital world it can get very time consuming having to review multiple platforms and reports on a regular basis as well as trying to cross compare performance – websites, sales, organic social, paid for media earned. Real-time online dashboards provide live data from your different business, marketing and sales channels to give you the overview of performance at any given time. So whether you need to review performance in the moment or compare with previous results, you can access it all in one place.

We tested multiple software combinations of solutions and have finally found the right magic. This is a solution we have white labelled and crafted to provide a fully managed service for clients (whether you are existing clients or new to us). We believe it’s might powerful in performance, whilst also making data easy to digest.

Tailored to you

Track KPI's and funnels. All analytics in one place to review and compare without having to log into several platforms or wait for monthly reports.

Unlimited users

There is no limit. You can share the dashboard for better cross-department collaborations.

70+ integrations

Integrate all your digital platforms including CRMs, social media, accountancy and bookkeeping, advertising platforms etc

Integrations for your digital dashboard

This is just a sample of some of the platforms we are able to integrate into your dashboard, if you don’t see the logo below or have a more bespoke idea, let us know – We are alway adding to this list!

Features included on all Digital Dashboards

Get real time data from your car, train, trains, planes, anywhere. The beauty of an online dashboard, means you can make more data driven decisions without having to log into several apps or waiting for a monthly report. 


Track SEO keyword rankings for top 3, top 10, top 20 and top 100


Choose competitors you want to add as benchmarks across different platforms

Private portal
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 4. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Automated reports
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 5. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Data mash

Cross mash up data to get a better funnel understanding

Business functions

Can integrate several business functions and platforms in one portal

Frequently Asked Questions

We can create your dashboard within a couple of days, depending on how much customisation you are looking to have. We try to manage expectations as best as possible so we say to allow up to 5 working days for the end-to-end integrations and testing

There is no set up fee, we trust that once we create and customise your dashboard, you will love it so much that you will keep renewing. We take the headache out of the integrations and technical bits and do it for you. 

No, this is one of a kind product that we offer which we are excited to be able to share with everyone. The only obligation commitment is the package you select; monthly, quarterly, annually

You are absolutely right and we tested Google Data Studio too, we loved their feel but unfortunately there are additional costs for platforms which aren’t part of the Google family which meant our clients weren’t able to have a complete overview of digital activities

We promise it is easy … that’s part of the reason we love it! However how-to videos and guides can be provided on request. If you would like us to host a session, please discuss with us further

Our packages are set up to accept whatever currencies which are supported by stripe (more than 28). Select the currency you would like to pay as you go through the purchase.

Of course. We advise to have a chat with one of more techie guru’s to see what is possible and how we can find the best solution for your idea.

You can either contact us to discuss options or log into your Stripe portal to make changes

If you have multiple social media accounts per platform, these are treated as different “clients” from a licensing perspective however can be integrated into the same platform.

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