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Brand positioning, brand identity, brand strategy, brand communication, brand development… the list of considerations around brand is longer than you might think! Fortunately, It Just So Happens has extensive experience in brand building. As a result, we can help you take your brand from an idea to a reality or from good to great. We know that building a strong brand is about so much more than just having a pretty logo – it relates to your whole business persona, how you think and behave as a business, how you speak to people. Your brand positioning dictates how you stand out from the crowd and how your customers think of you.

Our comprehensive branding services include

Whether you are a developed business looking for a brand refresh, or a brand new start-up, not even sure of your brand positioning, we can provide you with fresh eyes to see what you need. We offer a free 30 minute consultation, where we can discuss your vision and suggest which of our services would best suit your needs.

Brand & style guides

Setting out the pillars of your brand including brand story, logo usage, colour palette, typography, TOV creation, visual brand and more. Our experts will work with you to perfect the details.

Art direction

Using the brand guidelines and brand positioning as a foundation, we can help you to create the perfect aesthetic, for specific campaigns or projects or across your whole brand.

Branding assets

The ‘physical’ tools of your brand, including your logo, media packs and collateral, brochures, leaflets and ‘SWAG’. We can help you develop the assets which truly represent you.


Exciting and original campaigns, which are instantly recognizable as yours! From ideation to creation, we have you covered.

Brand Templates

Brand needs to be aligned across all areas of your business. We can help you to create your brand suite of templated documents, powerpoints, email signatures and more.

Personal Branding

Showcase your identity, skills, expertise and personality at their best. Whether as part of a business or as an individual, we can drive your brand forward.

Brand comms

Your brand should also dictate the way you communicate with your customers. From sales team scripts to your email communications, nurturing and automations, it’s important to keep everything on tone.

Reviews strategy

Word of mouth has always been important, but with the vast array of options available to the majority of the public, now more than ever reviews are essential. Reach out to your customers to ask for them, in the right way.

Brands we’ve developed

Our project process

It Just So Happens boasts an experienced and talented website development team, ready and waiting to help you. So here’s how it works.


Get in touch. We’ll work out the scope of your brand project, as well as your brand positioning and brand goals. After that, we’ll create your quote and build your team. 


We’ll create everything needed to build you a strong and representative brand identity.


Once you start rolling out your brand, we can help you to see the gaps and fill them.

 We create custom quotations for every new project and no project is too big or small. We work with businesses of any size  from a range of industries and are always ready to hear from you. Get in touch today to start growing your business.

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