It Just So Happens…We’re Your Flexible Digital Experts

Uniting an international team of specialists with a focused vision

It Just So Happens is a remote digital agency which builds project teams, matching the right people and skills to your brief. Our international team of experts is made up of digital professionals with a range of skills, experience and styles.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our professional partnerships - developing relationships and understanding our partner’s needs and wants is the cornerstone of everything we do. This is what allows us to succeed with our unique working style.

Our silverware

All of our work and interactions are carried out remotely, online. Even though we’re not physically together, we are with you every step of the way.

Managed by an experienced digital project manager, our individuals from around the world, come together to deliver. It is this way of working which allows both our partners and our team to capitalise on the beautiful flexibility we offer. Partners are given access to a specialist skill set without having to hire, whilst our team is given the opportunity to work on fulfilling projects, from anywhere in the world, with an ideal work-life balance. All of our interactions are driven by our company values.


We are transparent at all times. Whether there is a project we’re not suited to or a deadline we cannot meet, it will be communicated. We speak simply and honestly, without jargon and translate the technical.


We chose our people based on their drive to excel, build connections and gain knowledge, insight and skills. This way, we know they will also be driven to achieve the best results for you.


We believe ideas are a 'yes-and' process that thrives in a confident and flexible partnership. Trust us to bring innovation and provide the unexpected to ensure you stand out and can flourish, even in challenging circumstances.

As we mentioned, strong and successful professional relationships are super important to us. We work with businesses in a range of capacities, both long term, as an extended team and short term in ‘kick off’ projects. No matter the nature of our working relationship, we believe that it’s important for our values to align with yours and feel comfortable for us both. We will check in on this with you during our discovery calls with you.

Our Partners

“I don't much care where…so long as I get somewhere”

We reach far and wide and are always on the move. Here are just some of the locations where the team is based and where we have worked.

Our tech stack

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have a  digital project manager assigned to your project. They will be your main point of contact, but they will introduce you to members of your project team as relevant to ensure smooth operation. We create a dedicated Slack channel for all of our partners so you will have direct access to the people you need.

There are no limitations as to what countries we work in and we have people all over the world. If there are cultural requirements for a project which we are unfamiliar with, we will let you know from the start.

We can deliver both advertising and marketing services, as well as many other services and this is why we classify ourselves as a digital agency. For a more detailed list of what we can do, you can visit our services page but if you have a vision which isn’t on that list, we are happy to work with you to develop something if we can.

When we scope out your project, we look for any criteria around working hours or communication tools. This helps us to allocate your ideal team, who work towards the same deadlines and outputs, managed by our in-house project team. Communication takes place via tried and tested software, which you will likely be familiar with, if not already using. You can see some of the tools we use in our tech Stack section.

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