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A single vision held by a global team

As a manager, all you want is the right talent. As an employee, all you want is the right projects. We’re here to make that happen.

It Just So Happens is a remote digital agency which builds project teams, matching the right people and skills to the client’s brief. Our global team of experts is made up of digital professionals with a range of skills, experience and styles. We produce a project proposal to made your needs, budget and timelines, creating the best team for the job. 

All of our work and interactions are carried out remotely, online. The It Just So Happens in-house team, who create your proposals and manage them to successful completion, are experienced project managers. Even though we’re not physically together, we are with you every step of the way. All of our interactions with you are driven by our company values.


We are transparent at all times. Whether there is a project we cannot do or a deadline we cannot meet, we endeavour to identify this as soon as possible and work with you to find the best solution.


We strive to make sure that the technical, sometimes complicated, world of digital isn’t confusing. Everything we do will be explained without jargon and acronyms.


We chose our teams based on their drive to excel, gain knowledge, insight and skills. This way, we know they will also be driven to achieve the best results for you.

It Just So Happens…We’re A Busy Team!

We have team members all over the world, with an array of different experiences and specialities. Here are just some of the locations we are based and projects we have worked on.

1,532 weekly slack messages

840 monthly cups of tea

34 team members

Are we your cup of tea 🫖?

Good relationships are essential for a strong and successful partnership. We work with businesses in a wide variety of capacities, both long term as an extended team and short term, in ‘kick off’ projects. As part of the It Just So Happens onboarding, we like to make sure that we have a good foundation for that relationship. It goes hand in hand with our honesty policy. We consider things like:

  • Are our business values aligned?

  • Do you embrace innovation and change?

  • Do you like to be challenged?

  • What is your communication style?

  • How would your team describe you as a leader?

  • Do you respect each persons time?

The tick box stuff

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the team?

Your project team will be selected depending on your project criteria; timeframe, skills, language, experience etc.

Who Will I Deal With On A Day To Day Basis?

Every project will be assigned a team and you will have a point of contact who will answer any questions and work with you and the team to ensure a smooth operation!

What Countries Do You Work With?

There are no limitations as to what countries we work with. If there are cultural requirements for a project which we are unfamiliar with, we will let you know from the start. 

Are you an advertising or marketing agency?

We can deliver both advertising and marketing services, as well as many other services and this is why we classify ourselves as a digital agency.

As everyone is remote, how does this work?

When we scope out your project we look for any criteria you may have about working hours or tools for communicating. This helps us to allocate your ideal team, who then all work towards the same deadlines and outputs, managed by our in-house project team. Communications take place via tried and tested softwares, which you will likely be familiar with, if not already using. 

How can I join the team?

We are always expanding our relationships so would love to hear from you, drop Alice an email and we can take it from there; alice@itjustsohappens.agency

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